For Buyers

At J. Redmond Law, PC, we help our clients even before they find a home to purchase. We can recommend a trusted realtor, provide information about appropriate lenders or can simply answer questions about how to prepare for the home buying process. We offer first time homebuyers a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the process and clarify any details before signing a P&S contract. Call us today to schedule yours.

Once your offer has been accepted, our formal representation begins. We’re with you through the entire process, from protecting your deposit and interests right through until the closing. We work with your lender if you have a mortgage and help communicate with all the parties involved to ensure a smooth and successful closing. Throughout your purchase your attorney will:

  • Review the Offer to Purchase
  • Draft and Negotiate the Purchase and Sales Agreement
  • Review Condominium Documents
  • Draft and Negotiate a Use and Occupancy Agreement, if needed
  • Protect your deposit
  • Negotiate extensions, if necessary
  • Coordinate all the parties
  • Ensure the title exam is completed quickly
  • Review Title and go over any issue that come up
  • Draft a Declaration of Homestead to protect your home
  • Review closing documents with you
  • Conduct your closing and coordinate all parties
  • Ensure the deed and other documents are properly recorded
  • Ensure the Buyer receives their Owner’s title insurance within the following few weeks

For Sellers

If you are a seller, let us help you even before you list your property with recommendations for trusted, professional realtors, with answers to your questions about how to prepare your home for sale, , with recommendations for a contractor or painting professional to repair your home before listing, or connecting you to a CPA to discuss the capital gains tax implications before listing your home. Once you accept an offer, we will take over to negotiate and draft the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

At J. Redmond Law, PC, you’ll find smart, thoughtful client service at every step. We make the selling process as stress-free as possible by offering to draft a Power of Attorney to allow us to attend the closing and sign on your behalf as the seller, so that you do not have to take time out of your work day to attend the closing. We’ll draft Use and Occupancy Agreements if you would like to stay in the home even after selling , providing more flexibility as you transition to your new home.

For Sellers, J. Redmond Law attorneys help their clients:

  • Review the Offer to Purchase
  • Draft and Negotiate the Purchase and Sales Agreement
  • Draft and Negotiate a Use and Occupancy, if needed
  • Coordinate and communicate with the other parties for the Seller
  • Help address title issues
  • Draft a Power of Attorney if the Seller wishes to or can not to attend the closing
  • Draft the Deed
  • Draft the 6D, if needed
  • Review the HUD and other closing documents with the Seller
  • Attend the closing and sign for the Seller, if needed
  • Ensure the Deed is successfully recorded
  • Ensure the Seller receives their proceeds as quickly as possible

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